Friday, November 2, 2012

The First Step - Afterthougts

Hello! You are now reading Afterthoughts, a special entry that comes after a normal journal entry. This will probably contain less BullS than the last one, and be more real (but that's just my opinion :P) Afterthoughts are used by me to reflect on what I have just typed, and in turn right a reflection on that. (Yes, very egocentric. Very).

Before reading on, please read "The First Step."
To get things off, this is my new blog/journal (yeeha!) which I hope to update every Saturday morning. So yes, updates should be weekly on Saturday morning, +08:00 GMT. And so help me Lord I stay consistent with this schedule.

Because that's what the "The First Step" is all about. Its about getting back on writing and hoping that I continue to do so. According to google drive (which you should totally start using because it is so AWESOME), the last time I wrote a complete journal entry was on June 27. Before that was Jan 7. That makes my current count of journals this year so far 3. (No, Afterthoughts doesn't count, so that means I have about 7 more journals for the year. Yay.)

Yep. Online journals. That makes me an attention whaddict.

Another reason why I am posting this journal is also to practice my writing/communication skills. (SPEECH COMMUNICATION!!!) A bunch of my church mates in Stillwaters also spearheaded a writing project which I'm a part of, so boo-yah.

Oh yes. TAPA, it is a good day. It is a good day :3

If you are tired of my babbling, TL;DR to here.

Doing the first journal entry is tiring. Seriously. I don't think I can write that long in such a small amount of time. I haven't even eaten or slept since 8 PM yesterday and its like 7:41 AM. @_@ haaaagggggaaaarrrrdddd....

But I did it, and that was the point of the whole thing. WOOT!!!

(excuse all of the expressions. You'll find them and a lot of parenthesis in Afterthoughts but don't let it bother you :P)

You know, one thing though I have to practice is on balancing my ideas. I keep writing what comes to me and it doesn't seem to always fit right. :S But I do my best.

And I feel a little guilty that I couldn't talk about God more in this entry, but then again, do I always have to talk about God? Can't writing for the purpose of using the talent God gave me alright? Yeah, you non-God believers are probably rolling your eyes right now. I know. So I can shuuzzup now.

You can't force things down people's throats. (More accurately, ears). Besides, true believers are better than blind believers.

Moving past my justifications and hubbub, I guess we all have a hard time starting out, right?

You know, last week, I was feeling down in the dumps and I didn't want to do ANYTHING. People were already getting stressed about it (I had requirements I needed to submit), but I didn't do so much as lift a finger (several times to bring down my barbaric rage on demonic legions. Diablo 3 plug).

Well, people have gotten stressed at me in the past, and I don't want them to remain stressed too long. So why didn't I do anything? Cause I was too scared to do it. Too scared to face the teachers who I failed to give requirements on time and ask them how to repair my current situation. Yes, I crammed. Again. My parents and siblings and teachers and friends and girlfriend would do a synchronized face palm and harmoniously say "You haven't learned your lesson." I pray that I soon will...

I had to swallow that fear. Swallow it like melted chocolate on a cold winter's day. With a little push, of course. Eventually, I found myself knocking on my teacher's door. It wasn't easy. Things were pretty late (and I still haven't finished all of my requirements), but I was able to talk with her and sort things out. None of that would have happened if I didn't choose to face my fear and knock on my professor's door.

To put it, we all have our own problems. Yes. But we also have the solution. No one was going to submit those requirements for me. They could help me to do it, but I had to write the papers myself. I had the key in my hand. But I didn't want to use it.

With that, I say, take the risk, friend. Turn the key. You can do it. Throw away your wallowing and regret behind. You have a light and brilliance to share to the world. You have to turn the key.

(To DR.CTB, I owe you coffee and a chat for your advice :D)

Till next time, this was Afterthoughts. Ciao~