Thursday, January 24, 2013

Late, but not absent.

Hello friends. :D It's a little late for New Year's posts (unless your Chinese :P) But it does not mean I should not post. (For prolonging my posts would inevitably lead to posting nothing at all).

Hello friends :D This is my first post for the New Year of 2013. This is also the most writing I have done since the start of 2013. Most of the time I have spent drawing and attempts at reading but writing hardly. Not that writing is hard. But when you feel disheartened by what you are writing about, it clogs you. If you can not write with full support for what you are writing for, you will always encounter the writer's block.

But things are never ideal. Can anyone be 100% sure about what they believe in? The moment a situation does not go according to plan, it is easy to drop the original plan, much in the way we can drop our beliefs. Problems occur. They are a part of life.

To quote my professor, "If you keep looking for a one-time solution, you're never going to move. What you should do instead is take active participation in solving the problem now." And to quote my girlfriend, "You should build up your solutions to reach a bigger solution to solve the bigger problem." These quotes are not verbatim.

What this means to say is that regardless of what happens, if you keep pitying yourself or making yourself the victim, you'll be wasting your time. Despair never helped anyone (save inspiration to write about the despair that all men face). Only by moving forward can you sustain and grow. If you don't start somewhere, you'll never get anywhere at all.

So I may be late with my posts, but I'm not absent. My punctuality has much to be improved on, but discipline never starts on the first try. It's built on subsequent occurrences, and building on consistency.

What's my message? I'm writing again. :D
God bless.