Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A ball of light for New Years

They say that it is the New Year, and yet nothing seems new with it all.

It's like the same old ball rolling all over again; to greet the side that welcomes itself as the beginning, while its opposite prefers to show its face as the end. But as they say, “All ends are new beginnings.”

And so it comes to ask, “What is a beginning?

Did we "see" when we began?

My earliest memories are a blurb of darkness, followed a sudden flash of light... Then suddenly the world was revealed to me... In awe, more curious then confused, I finally saw with my eyes the world from which I drew breath.

Yet that was only a memory of sight.

What of our first memories of hearing, or touching? Of taste? Of smell? Do we remember when we first realized we were crying?

Or is sight so much more captivating that we forget our other senses?

Staring now outside my window, I see an occasional fireball lighting up a starless sky.

My sight tells me that this year is no different from the rest.

And so, I close my eyes, and listen to all that is around me... Objects I could not sense if I did not hear them...

A gentleness of my home...

A midst a sky riveted in chaos, the walls creek in comforting silence, and suddenly, I forget my troubles as I am reminded of the value of the gifts God has given me... That despite all the things that disturb me, I am truly blessed with life. With peace. With love.

With that, I beseech you fellows to close your eyes, and listen with your heart. For a New Year is not what we see... But what we believe.