Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life is like a Fantasy

The hero.

Who doesn't want to be the hero? Wielding the legendary sword, and blessed with the powers that be. Nothing can stop the hero: not any dangerous mountain trail or the hordes of the evil lord's minions. Everyone wants to be the hero.

And yet as much as we wish for it, we can never be as perfect as the hero. Every day, we make mistakes.

We forget to turn the lights off, or we arrive late for a meeting. There's no way to silence the noise and pollution we encounter as we travel in the city and nothing we do can change the stubbornness of those around us.

No swing of a magic wand will make our troubles go away. No justification will protect us when we become violent before society.

Ever since we left Eden, mankind has been playing the hard difficulty of life because of our choice to disobey God. Be thankful that we aren't playing the no-win hell difficulty that the demons are thrown into.

And this is where we probably realize that without the proper equipment, we can never be the heroes we want to be. We may be using low level skills on high level challenges. Or we forget a key item along the way.

We may even have the proper equipment for our current level, but none of it would stand on par with the years of levels our enemies like Lucifer have accumulated since the dawn of creation.
And if the devil is difficulty, imagine how much more so the level required to gain the approval from an ultimate infinitesimal level of an all-mighty God?

It may seem grim; our situation hopeless a midst trials no mortal can face. Yet God has already sent a champion who can redeem us through His Son, and a Helper just as equally powerful who is willing to give us strength when faced against challenges beyond our capabilities.

We aren't alone. To think such is to admit defeat. The Creator has already given us the greatest Companions for the journey ahead, and the only ones capable of pushing you through the mission.

You might think with the Companions God has given that your life will be easily judged as a weakling unnecessary for quest. But that's not true.

A good party is made by each of the heroes that make it. And the good of the world needs you to fight.

Written on December 20, 2013.